Create a group. Starting @ $1 / mo.

Moderator controls who can join, browse, borrow from, and lend to the group. 

All items lent to other members in the group are guaranteed returned or replaced. 

Browsing the common inventory is a breeze. Members can also request things not listed to other members in the group. We track who has what, help coordinate exchanges, and make sure the item is returned on time. 

The owner-ship has sailed. 

There is too much wasted ownership in your community. We provide the tools to help your organiztion be more efficient and less reduntant users of things rather than owners of things. 

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Save money and reduce waste in your community or company!

Ownership is so declasse. Sharing used to be hard because you did't know what other people had, felt weird asking, lost track of things you lent out, worried about lending things out, etc. 

neigh*borrow solves all those problems and makes group sharing a breeze.