Save Money!
neigh*borrow makes it easy to borrow items you need. It's safe and rewarding to lend things you have. Don't buy things you need to use just once or once in a while!


The best way for groups of people to share things.

Share tools, electronics, baby toys, gadgets, and more

Save Resources!
Borrowing instead of buying helps reduce waste -- fewer resources needed to produce goods and less stuff ending up in landfills.

Save community!
Err, build community:) Reducing idle capacity by sharing resources fosters a stronger sense of collaboration and community.

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 "Camera is perfect! and one additional request . . ." -Stacey; New York, NY 

 "I love this site! Thank you for creating a MUCH-needed service" -Alyssa, Herndon, VA

"why spend $100 for it when you can just borrow it from a neighbor, neigh*borrow is probably the biggest site in the category..." Jean Chatzky, finance expert, on the TODAY SHOW

"I think THAT is a great idea!" Meredith Vieira, -THE TODAY SHOW

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